Polymer 3: How to customize starter kit application

2019/04/14: New strategy on creating apps with litElement + RXFIRE + Redux

Below are the links for sample application using React, but it can be a nice source of information.



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ftp: reliable way to transfer large amount of data over the internet

If you ever find yourself in need of transferring large amounts of data over the internet, you can set a simple ftp server in your machine. If you’re running windows, you can use FileZilla Server for Windows.

  1. Install FileZilla Server
  2. You’ll need to configure your router to forward internet calls directly to your computer behind NAT network. For this you can change DMZ configuration and point to the internal network IP your machine is located.
  3. Check your public ip, and configure it in ‘Passive Mode Settings’. In the ‘use the following IP’, set the public IP.
  4. Generate SSL for secure connection.
  5. Check ftp server through https://ftptest.net/.
  6. Connect from client machine using FileZilla Client software.