SAP transactions Related to Authorization

PFCGRole MaintenanceBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
SU53Evaluate authorization CheckBasis – User and Authorization Management
SU24Maintain authorization DefaultsBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
RSECADMINManage Analysis authorizationsBW – OLAP Technology
SU21Maintain authorization objectsBasis – User and Authorization Management
ST01System TraceBasis – Low Level Layer
SUIMUser Information SystemBasis – User Information System
RSSMauthorizations for ReportingBW – OLAP Technology
RSD1Characteristic maintenanceBW – Data Basis
SU22Maintain authorization Defaults(SAP)Basis – User and Authorization Management
SU20Maintain authorization FieldsBasis – User and Authorization Management
PA20display HR Master DataPersonnel Mgmt – Personnel Administration
SU02Maintain authorization ProfilesBasis – User and Authorization Management
SU03Maintain authorizationsBasis – User and Authorization Management
SU56Analyze User BufferBasis – User and Authorization Management
OOSBUser (Structural authorization)Basis – Organizational Management
OOACHR: authorization main switchPersonnel Mgmt – Personnel Administration
SU25Upgrade Tool for Profile GeneratorBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
OOSPauthorization ProfilesBasis – Organizational Management
CV03Ndisplay documentCross Application – Document Management System
PFUDUser Master Data ReconciliationBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
RSCSAUTHMaintain/Restore authorization GroupBasis – System Audit Information System
RSCUSTV23BW Customizing – View 21BW – OLAP Technology
CV02NChange DocumentCross Application – Document Management System
RSECAUTHMaintenance of Analysis Auth.BW – OLAP Technology