SAP ERP Authorization

S_DEVELOP – is the general authorization object for ABAP Workbench objects. You use it to grant access authorizations for all ABAP Workbench components, e.g. ABAP development tools, Dictionary and Data Modeler, Screen Painter, Function Builder, Repository Brownser, SAP Smartforms. More details at lnk below.

SAP transactions Related to Authorization

PFCGRole MaintenanceBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
SU53Evaluate authorization CheckBasis – User and Authorization Management
SU24Maintain authorization DefaultsBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
RSECADMINManage Analysis authorizationsBW – OLAP Technology
SU21Maintain authorization objectsBasis – User and Authorization Management
ST01System TraceBasis – Low Level Layer
SUIMUser Information SystemBasis – User Information System
RSSMauthorizations for ReportingBW – OLAP Technology
RSD1Characteristic maintenanceBW – Data Basis
SU22Maintain authorization Defaults(SAP)Basis – User and Authorization Management
SU20Maintain authorization FieldsBasis – User and Authorization Management
PA20display HR Master DataPersonnel Mgmt – Personnel Administration
SU02Maintain authorization ProfilesBasis – User and Authorization Management
SU03Maintain authorizationsBasis – User and Authorization Management
SU56Analyze User BufferBasis – User and Authorization Management
OOSBUser (Structural authorization)Basis – Organizational Management
OOACHR: authorization main switchPersonnel Mgmt – Personnel Administration
SU25Upgrade Tool for Profile GeneratorBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
OOSPauthorization ProfilesBasis – Organizational Management
CV03Ndisplay documentCross Application – Document Management System
PFUDUser Master Data ReconciliationBasis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management
RSCSAUTHMaintain/Restore authorization GroupBasis – System Audit Information System
RSCUSTV23BW Customizing – View 21BW – OLAP Technology
CV02NChange DocumentCross Application – Document Management System
RSECAUTHMaintenance of Analysis Auth.BW – OLAP Technology